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PARTS WANTED (Updated Jan. 28th, 2012)
1.  New-Old-Stock or used transformers such as power, choke, interstage, etc.
2.  1920/30's Eby brand binding post (black bakelite with screw down head)
3.  Grid connector caps for 6C6,807,etc size tubes, new only
4.  1920's binding post thumb screws (top portion that screws on top of post)
5.  Crystal set parts such as mounted galena crystals by Philmore and others.
6.  Amphenol tube socket mounting plates (metal plate to hold socket)
7.  Almost any type of item in quantity as seen on this web site.
8:  We also buy radios, telephones, and phonographs from 1920-40's

9:  Clarostat add-on switches for pots - series SWE and NWE (green boxes)
10: IRC add-on switches for pots - type US-41 or US-42 (STA-LOC pots)
11: IRC plug-in shafts - SL-2500 & SL-3500 (used on STA-LOC type 'UA' pots)

For us old time collectors who remember Phil Weingarten, I found this
picture of him from 1964. He was selling some super radios on his list
back then for prices that were dirt cheap compared to todays prices!
Phil Weingarten picture

Thanks for looking - have these items? - send us e-mail