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How to perform a basic search

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Most of our web pages of inventory list are straight ASCII data. Some of our pages
are extremely large in size, thus making it hard to find a CERTAIN item. This is especially
true on our magazine and literature list.

By using a simple feature built into your browser you can do a word search as follows:

1) On the top task bar of your browser look for the word EDIT and select it.
2) From choices select FIND...
3) Type in the word(s) you are looking for.

Alternate method .... Press the "Control Key" and "F" key at same time (CTRL + F)
This will bring up a pop-up box where you can type in your search word.

1) If your on our Literature web data page and your interest is in Hickok tube data then
   type in the word Hickok
   This will find all occurances of the word HICKOK in the entire list.

2) If your on our Magazine web data page and your interest is in a January 1925 issue then
   type in for your search word Jan 25 or Jan. 25 (depending on how it is listed in files)
   All issues with Jan 25 will be found in the search.

3) If your on our Book web page data and your interest is in a book by the author Ghirardi
   then type in for your seach word - Ghirardi

The trick to remember is how the data your searching for may be written. All searchs must
be exact! As far as I know wild card characters will not work.

Updated March 15th, 2016

Thanks for looking - need help? - send us e-mail