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Vintage Television Related Novelties

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TELEVISION NOVELTIIES: Green porcelain nite light, plastic TV clock (works), Numechron clock (works, numbers repainted).
Stock #2401.. $ ALL 3 ARE SOLD
TV BOARD GAME: Whats My Line board game with TV screen play piece. Made by Lowelll Toy Mfg Co., estimate date late 1950's?. Box size 21 X10"
Stock #2402.. $56.50
TELEVISION NOVELTIES: Repro tin lunch box (Elvis), childs toy TV made of wood (maker?), blue porcelain tea pot in shape of TV
Stock #2403.. $20, $15, $12
TELEVISION NOVELTIES: TV ashtray, TV lighter, green tin TV planter, ceramic TV Salt & Pepper
Stock #2404.. $SOLD, $SOLD, $SOLD, $22
TV SALT & PEPPERS: Classic Salt & Pepper TV's from 50's, turn little knob and dispensers lift up.
Stock #2405.. $ brown's $16.50 - 1ST & 3RD, white $ SOLD
TELEVISION NOVELTIES:pink pencil sharpener, yellow sharpener. All sold except pink and yellow ones.
Stock #2406.. $5 each
TELEVISION NOVELTIES: TV shaped metal chocolate mold, all others sold.
Stock #2407.. $22
TELEVISION NOVELTIES: first two are sold, brown plastic clock (chip on bottom, not seen), brown Numechron clock (works), slight crack by switch.
Stock #2408.. $22 each
TELEVISION NOVELTIES: Talking TV's (new in package) $7 each), cast pencil sharpeners $4 (w/box $6), brown plastic TV $sold, blue snow flake TV $3, tiny peep viewer $sold
Stock #2409.. $ see above
TELEVISION NOVELTIES: Ceramic Salt & Pepper TV, Video scope noveltie 1950's), printers printing block w/TV, Television Clarifier NIB.
Stock #2410.. $22, $8, $5, $7
TELEVISION ITEMS: Cletron Television Lightning arrestors $3 each, Power Antenna $sold, Vee-DX TV antenna switch NIB $sold
Stock #2411.. $ see above
TELEVISION VALENTINES: Large framed valentine with TV theme (scarce) - $48, all other small valentines are sold.
Stock #2412.. $48

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