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Phonograph Related Novelties, Edison, Light Bulb, etc.

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PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Brown porcelain phono; white ceramic phono; gold porcelain phono and a green plaster phono.
Stock #2501, Price $8, $10, $8, $9
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Christmas ornament; Amway aftershave phono, brown salt and pepper phonos,; SOLD - the clear plstic music box.
Stock #2502, Price $4, $6, $12, $7
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: white china phono; brown porcelain phono; yellow porcelain phono; black porcelain phono, and a brown/white phono.
Stock #2503, Price $9, $5, $7, $6, $6
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Metal music box is sold; 3 refrigerator magnets, and a brown plaster phonograph.
Stock #2504, Price $0, $3 each, $9
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Metal gold phono; ceramic phono; pewter phono; bronze metal phono (sold); tiny gold phono (sold) and a wood Christmas ornament.
Stock #2505, Price $4, $3, $0, $0, $3, $5
NIPPER ITEMS: Old dealers stock of Nipper listening to a phonograph. Estimate age at 1960's?
Stock #2506, Price $ both sold
NIPPER ITEMS: A repro cast iron toy (sold); a repro plaster Nipper 7" high, and a white cast iron Nipper (repro) (sold).
Stock #2507, Price $0, $18, $0
RECORD HOLDER: A reproduction Victor and Nipper record holder (less record), and a Victor one-sided record with the word 'Victor' painted gold.
Stock #2508, Price $35, $17
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Red Christmas ornament; light yellow Salt and Pepper; yellow/white Salt and Pepper, and awhite Christmas ornament.
Stock #2509, Price $6, $12, $12, $6
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Round Victor tin (repro); gold metal 1988 Christmas ornament (sold); Songster needle tin (repro) and a Nipper nite light.
Stock #2510, Price $5, $0, $4, $12
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: A metal tramp art phonograph and a pink plastic plant holder(?) with nice wood base.
Stock #2511, Price $8, $38
COOKIE JAR: A plaster cookie jar with removeable lid, 7 1/8 wide x 11 3/4 inches high.
Stock #2512, Price $35
COOKIE JAR: Same as #2512 above except this one has the phonograph arm broken off. Perhaps you have this same one with a broken bottom that you can use this good bottom with?
Stock #2513, Price $10
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: White china music box; orange planter and a black/white music box.
Stock #2514, Price $16, $10, $18
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Plastic music box (sold); another plastic music box (sold); yellow ceramic phono (ashtray?, black ring removeable) and a Amway after shave bottle.
Stock #2515, Price $0, $0, $8, $5
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: green Christmas ornament; boxed Salt and Pepper; ceramic Nipper with box (sold), and another Salt and Pepper (no box).
Stock #2516, Price $6, $12, $0, $7
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Miniature doll house phono; 1929 Edison stamp with light bulb; Victor record duster (sold) and a package of wood needles (about 10 pieces).
Stock #2517, Price $3, $12, $0, $4
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Metal pencil shrpner; plastic horn (repaired); another plastic horn; metal coffee grinder, and a tiny wood cylinder phonograph.
Stock #2518 Price $3, $3, $5, $3, $3
PHONOGRAPH MIIROR/SIGN: Nice mirror/sign to hang on wall, estimate age at 1970's(?), size is 20 1/2 wide and 14 1/2 inches high.
Stock #2519, Price $ sold
WALL CLOCK: Nice decorator item, this is a phongraph clock, made of wood. Size is 14 3/4 wide and 15 inches high. Uses one AA battery.
Stock #2520, Price $37
NIPPERS: Left is a plush 6 1/4 inch Nipper (sold); center is a 6 inch plush Nipper (sold), and right is a wall hung plaster Nipper 10 5/8 inches high.(repro)
Stock #2521, Price $0, $0, $18.50
PHONOGRAPH NOVLTIES: A pink and gray phonograph planter - 10 1/2 inches high, right is a repro Nipper Tin - sold.
Stock #2522, Price $23, $0

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