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Phonograph Related Novelties, Edison, Light Bulb, etc.

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NIPPER PLATE: Nipper plate - His That Our Mistress's Voice?, it is 10 3/4 inches diameter.
Stock #2523, Price $20.00
NIPPER PLATE NOVELTIES: A Nipper Plate by Lynell Co. 1980, 8 5/8 inches diameter.
Stock #2524, Price $35.00
NIPPER PLATE: A Nipper plate, limited edition #244, made 1996, it is 8 1/4 inches diameter. (sold)
Stock #2525, Price $ sold
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Miniature phonograph toy with 6 records - sold); a 1979 Regal China Beam bottle shaped like a light bulb (11 inches tall).
Stock #2526, Price $sold, $25
NIPPER and CHIPPER: A plush set of Nipper and Chipper with original cardboard box container.(sold)
Stock #2527, Price $ sold
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: RCA Nipper radio tube boxes, center is a Edison Delay Relay, right is a 10 3/4 inch plush Nipper (sold).
Stock #2528, Price $9 each (3), $5, $0
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Wood wall hanging sign for Edison cylinder player (11 3/8 x 6 1/4) and right is a black/white ceramic phonograph.
Stock #2529, Price $15, $13
EDISON: A December 1919 issue of Electrical Experimenter magazine with Thomas Edison on cover. Magazine is FR+ to GD-.
Stock #2530, Price $ sold
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: A framed needle point (6 x 8 1/8) and a framed stone lithogragh picture from an early book of Thomas Edison, scarce and beautiful.
Stock #2531, Price $9, $80
NIPPER SIGNS: Left is a porcelain over metal (repro), 11 1/4 inch diameter, right is same (10w x 8H).
Stock #2532, Price $34, $23
ROCHESTER PAN-TRU-TONE: A framed and matter advertising flyer for wind-up phonograph by Rochester Pan-Tru-Tone. Size is 17 1/2 inches wide and 8 7/8 high. (may be sold ?, inquire)
Stock #2533, Price $25
PHONOGRAPH NEEDLES and RECORD: Old original steel pointed needles (like new) from 1940's. Sold by the pack of 100 only - either soft, loud, or extra loud - $4.00 each. Right is a childs record by Voco Co. 1948 - sold.
Stock #2534, Price $4 each, $sold
EDISON SIGN: A beautiful reproduction paper sign 25 inches wide and 12 1/2 high. No expenses were spared in producing this color ad. Made from the original sign here in Cleveland, Ohio.
Stock #2535, Price $40
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Left is a puzzel of the RCA Camden, NJ Nipper (sealed box, size?), right is a single sheet phongraph cartoon.
Stock #2536, Price $ both sold
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: A cast iron door knocker (repro). (sold)
Stock #2537, Price $ sold
LIGHT BULB BOOK ENDS: Nicely made book ends of mahonany wood. Each side has a bulb under a platic dome. Size of each is 5 1/4W, 6 3/8Hh, 5 1/8 deep.
Stock #2538, Price $ sold
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Left is a card game (Quiz Wiz) showing Edison on box top, center is a needle holder with felt duster on bottom, right is 1/2 of a Salt and Pepper set (3 1/2 inches high).
Stock #2539, Price $ all sold
PHONOGRAPH NOVELTIES: Left is a plastic bust of Edison (6 1/2 inches high), right are empty cylinder record holders. (the one on far right is missing the lid)
Stock #2540, Price $ sold, $3, $6, $7
1979 LIGHT BULBS: left is a working bulb with wood base and AC cord with original box (sold), right is similair but bulb is burned out, good for a display piece.
Stock #2541, Price $sold, $20
1979 LIGHT BULB, CANDLE: Left is a G.E. 1979 anniversary light bulb with plastic base and original box (box not perfect); right is a wax candle light bulb - sold.
Stock #2542, Price $38, $0

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