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Late additions not listed elsewhere

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                     THIS BUSINESS FOR SALE


After 27+ years of running this web site business
I have decided to retire.

The business is now FOR SALE.

Includes a vast inventory of items as seen on the
web site and a huge amount of non-iventoried items.
Will require at minimum a building of 2500-3000 square
feet to store all items.

If you have any interest in running a part or full time
business than this is a great opportunity.

You gain my MANY, MANY countless years of finding the items
and inventoring about 75% of the items I have.

Gary Schneider (330-558-0208)


Jan. 16th, 2019 - Updated sales list pages:

Wire & Cable-------- 01/01/19
Radio Chassis ------ 01/01/19
Hardware ----------- 01/01/19
Crystal set parts -- 01/01/19
Bulbs & Lamps ------ 01/01/19
Magazines ---------- 01/01/19
Ballast Tubes ------ 01/01/19
Literature --------- 01/01/19
Coils, 1920's types- 01/01/19
Resistors ---------- 01/01/19
3" & 4" Dials ------ 01/01/19
Tube Adapters ------ 01/01/19
Grid Leaks --------- 01/01/19
Binding Post ------- 01/01/19
Coils: IF,Osc,Ant--- 01/01/19
Vibrators ---------- 01/01/19
Tube Sockets ------- 01/01/19
Switches ----------- 01/01/19
Vernier Dials ------ 01/01/19
Meters ------------- 01/01/19
Capacitors --------- 01/01/19
Misc. Parts/Items--- 01/01/19
Potentiometers ----- 01/01/19
Speakers ----------- 07/16/18
Books, hardcover --- 01/01/18
Headphones --------- 01/01/19
Variable Condensers- 01/01/19
Transformers ------- 01/01/19
Tubes, Ham, Indust-- 01/01/19
Tubes, 1920's ------ 01/01/19
Tubes, Collector --- 01/01/19
Phono Cartridges---- 01/16/19
Dial glass & belts-- 01/01/19

Vintage Telephones-- 11/10/18
Tubes, Octal ------- 02/04/18
Phono Novelties----- 02/04/18
Radio Novelties ---- 03/11/18
Radios for sale ---- 03/11/18
TV Novelties ------- 03/11/18
Telephone Novelties- 03/11/18

Plugs & Jacks ------ 02/22/17
Rheostats, 1920s --- 01/01/17
Tube Shields ------- 02/14/17
Knobs -------------- 01/01/17

2012: .......................
Wiper knobs--------- 01/31/12
Items Wanted ------- 01/24/12

UPS Chart ---------- 01/05/11
Links Page --------- 01/05/11

Transformer Hints -- 11/22/06


October 19th, 2011

For those that use Ungar brand soldering items I have
accquired some Ungar elements which screw into
the standard Ungar handle. They are listed on the
"HARDWARE" page, item #1113 area.


January 8th, 2011

For those that wish to see what my old store looked like
in 2005 than click on this link:

Old Store Photos

Note: As of 2005 I do NOT have a store anymore.
All business is now done on an internet bases.
Local pick-up of items is still possible.


November 15th, 2008

KNOB FELTS: I now have new "knob felts" in 3/4 inch size,
made of brown felt. These are precision die-cut by a company
here in Cleveland, Ohio. They are $7.50 for 50 pieces or $0.15
each in small quantities.


Febuary 20th, 2008

Added an INDEX to the potentiometer listings to
make it easier to find pots by their numerical
value in ohms.
File =
Short cut to page: Potentiometer Index

Note: this is just a rough guide and may not
be a complete listing of everything listed on
main potentiometer listing page.

Also added some more INDEX'S to the coil page of
I.F., Ant. & Osc coils to find coils by 'Oscillator'
or 'Antenna" types. See main listing of coils for
index names and web URL.



Jan. 9th, 2007

Just added a new catagory on RADIO PARTS menu - VIBRATORS


December 30th, 2006

I have recently acquired many N.O.S. National and Millen
radio and Ham type parts. They include the following.

Variable capacitors - both receiving and large transmitting
types - see web page.... RADIO PARTS / Variable capacitors.
Look at 1430-600 series of part numbers.

National and Millen hardware items such as sockets, coil forms,
shaft couplers, and much misc. - see page RADIO PARTS / Hardware.
Series 1113-300.

Also many types of panel name plates for labeling your panel
with certain words. Also some round and rectangular name plates.
See page RADIO PARTS / Hardware...... 1113-501 series.

National and Millen coils of many types, see page:
RADIO PARTS / I.F., Ant & osc coils..... See 1509 series.

National and Millen tube sockets (and some quality Blue
Mica Amphenol types) --- see page RADIO PARTS / Tube sockets.
Mainly in the 1030-400 and up series of numbers.

ALso got many capacitors, some High Voltage oil screw base types,
listed in 1553-164 series. Also many Cornell Dubilier capacitors,
some of them high quality types with metal sleeve and glass sealed
ends as well as some cermamic types. These are 1950/60's vintage
and have no leakage !! ... see page RADIO PARTS / Capacitors.

Picked up about 75 ballast tubes, mainly Amperite types.

Also some Centralab AB series of potentiomenters that use
plug-in shafts (which I have none of the shafts !) 

If anyone has some plug-in shafts for this series of pots
I could sure use some. Also in need of Clarostat and Centralab
add-on switches to attach to pots.

A few N.O.S. National vernier dials are listed on page:
RADIO PARTS / Verniers. And a nice 4-inch vernier by Crowe Co,
see #1324-034.

Also picked up many auto radio vibators by Radiart, Mallory
and Cornell Dubilier. They are not inventoried yet. Although
all are N.O.S., from experience many will be bad and will have
to be taken apart to clean contacts from sitting the last
40-50 years in a storage barn.

In this last buy are some items that may not have too much
demand such as 300+ N.O.S. relays by Potter & Brumfield. And
many types of N.O.S. selenium rectifiers.

Also many misc. items that will be listed in various catagories
as time permits. This last month has been terror-on-wheels for
me !!!.... trying to get this stuff packed away and inventoried.


November 24th, 2006

Late Addition:
Console Radio - wood speaker grill board:

I have about 6 wood speaker grills that may
be useful for repairing broken grills in
console radios of the 1920/30's. They are
generic in nature and can be cut to shorter
heigth if needed. Full size is 15 1/4 wide
and 30 3/4 inches high. Actual cutout area
is 10 wide and 17 inches high. About 1/4 thick
with a nice verneer of unknown wood type. Appears
to be mirror matched down the center line.
These are new-old-stock and are ready to stain
and varnish. No Shipping

To see photo click here... wood grill


May 1st, 2006


Added a new page showing photos of wiper knobs that I can
make up. I had a bunch of Western Electric wiper blades that
have been re-nickeled due to many years of oxidation.
For info see page:...

Short cut to photos


October 18th, 2005

See page HOW TO ORDER for new address and phone number.

After a monstrous job of moving my store inventory to a new location
I am now back in business. I do not have a physical store anymore,
all business will be run from my home and is mainly items listed on web site.
Items ordered may still be picked up at my home location but an appointment
is now required in advance. I still will be doing radio repairs also for
those local in Cleveland area (no repairs by mail).

Please keep in mind things are very chaotic and some items may not be
able to be found in stock (thousands of boxes all over the place !!)
Also, I had to put some items in storage and they may be buried for many
months and some may never see the light of day for some time.

Due to lack of time to update the web pages and do inventory additions
and deletions please expect some problems when doing stock checks, etc.
It will take MANY months to get all the web pages updated.


October 18th, 2005

After 10 plus years I can no longer provide my replacement
audio transformers (SP to SG) for 1920/30's radios,
stock number 1017-001. They are now discontinued.

Only a few are left and I can sell only 1 or 2 at maximum
to any one person. (new price - $ inquire)


March 23rd, 2005

Updated radio novelties page, now listed are 47 photos
of many neat radio items for those into collecting the
small and unusual radio-related items.

Click here for photos: Radio Novelties


January 23nd, 2005

1) Added a new page to main menu - Television related novelties

2) Finally inventoried about 2/3 of my used field-coil type
speakers - see list printed 2019 on radio parts page.

3) Found some nice paint for re-whiting old 3 and 4 inch radio
dials - have white, off white, and tan for AK knobs.
See web page - RADIO PARTS - 3 inch and 4 inch dials.

4) Transformer page was updated Janaury 4th, 2005


May 12th, 2002:
Picture of Carco Detector Stand for sale on Crystal radio
parts page: Carco Detector Stand
This is for the stand only, spring, crystal, & crystal holder.
Does not include the wood base or coil shown in photo!

01/01/2017: Update - sold out of all parts


March 31st, 2002


Picked up a very large quantity of Miller and
Meissner radio coils - Antenna, Osc., I.F.'s, etc.
As of 1/01/17 they are now all listed.

Have added a Miller and Meissner Index to
help locate their part numbers by numerical order.

Short cut to main catagory of coils


July 12th, 2001


Picked up some really hard-to-find litz wire.
It is 81 strands of #38 gauge wire. It is double
wrapped in Celanese (cotton) covering. It is about
1/16 inch in diameter. Can be used for loop antennas,
Can be dyed brown or green colored if desired.
Price is 19 cents per foot (cheap!)picture wire
For free sample send self-addressed stamped envelope.



7/11/01... Also picked up hundreds of N.O.S. wafer
tube sockets from the 1920/30's. There are 4, 5,
6, and 7 pin types. They are listed in the 1090-200
series of part numbers (under parts/tube sockets)
Stock up now because these seldom come on the market
anymore. Took me 20 years to find this large batch!


Updated Jan. 16th, 2019
Also got these N.O.S. (NEW) bulk-packed tubes, no boxes:
See tube listing pages

Got some pilot lamp sockets as found on 1930/40's radios.
They are screw base, 2 isolated contacts, and have a 
bracket to slide into metal tab in a forward direction
or I have the opposite type to slide backwards.
Listed on web pages - they are $0.50 each


Will appreciate your comments on my web site as to how easy
it is to use as well as any sugestions you may have.

Please remember that I have many thousands of items and it is
very difficult to keep all these pages constantly updated.
Sometimes people do stock checks and I tell them the item is
available, but when I look for the item it is not found in my
stock, usually this means I sold the item and forgot to delete
it from my master inventory list. Have over 200,000 items to keep
track of, so I am usually guaranteed to make a few mistakes!

Thanks for visting my web site - Gary Schneider

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