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Vintage Radios, Tubes, Parts, Literature

Play Things Of Past is now under new ownership.  Please be patient as I get a new website up and running, and a new Email system in place.  I anticipate coming online with a few types of parts to get started, no sooner than mid to late winter 2020.  I am working on an Email that will contact all of you that have been trying to place orders on the OLD Email.
I can not, unfortunately, fill those orders, as many of them are months old.  But I will alert all of you to the new Email address, which will be posted here shortly.  Please check back often.
Please do not use the old Email going forward.  I AM UNABLE RESPOND TO ANY ORDER REQUESTS at the moment.  I am concentrating on relocating the rest of the old inventory and getting it organized.  
Thank you for your patience
Barry H Bennett, proprietor

How to Order.......How to buy items you seen on this site. Must reading!

Late additions.....Late arrivals, breaking news, announcements, etc.

Radio Tubes........1920's Radio Tubes, Octals, Loktal, 7/9 pin Miniature, etc.

Radio Parts........Transformers, Potentiometers, Tube Sockets, Coils, Knobs, etc.

Radio Literature...Radio Magazines, Catalogs, Manuals, Books, etc.

Old Telephones.....Vintage Telephones (1920's to 1950's) for sale

Radio Chassis......1920-50s Radio chassis for sale, all types (not with cabinets)

----------------NOVELTY ITEMS - Radio, Phonograph, Telephone; Television------------

Radio Novelties PG1........Radio related novelties - Banks, Games, Puzzles, Toys

Radio Novelties PG2........Radio related novelties - Banks, Games, Puzzles, Toys

Phonograph Novelties PG1...Phonograph related novelties - toys, banks, figurines, etc.

Phonograph Novelties PG2...Phonograph related novelties - toys, banks, figurines, etc.

Telephone Novelties PG1....Telephone related novelties - toys, banks, intercoms, etc.

Television Novelties PG1...Television related novelties - toys, banks, figurines, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Items Wanted........Items we are looking for such as radios, tubes and parts.

Links to Sites......Links to other sites in antique radio hobby.

How to Order........How to buy items you seen on this site. Must reading!

Print Order Form....A printable mail order form for mailing in to us.

How to Search.......How to do basic searches on our text-based pages.

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